AIs are a powerful catalyst for change and growth. But the truth is they are as vulnerable as their creators. Meaning that at any point in time, AIs can suddenly start making flawed business decisions at scale. Putting companies at risk of financial loss, security vulnerabilities, and ethical and liability issues.

At DSG.AI, we’re granting organizations the ability to sustain success. By harnessing and channeling their AI power safely, securely, and with business management oversight – through innovative AI tools and products.

So that you can stay relevant, become even more cost-effective – and most importantly – make business-critical decisions faster, and with confidence.

Sometimes, AI is so convincing that people forget they are still the better thinkers.

This is why our tools and products are designed to keep humans in the loop (HITL). And support human communication and collaboration around AI initiatives between employees, stakeholders, and end customers.

Because it is only when humans truly adopt AI, that the true value of AI power is unlocked.

Since our founding, we’ve built more than 100 large-scale custom AI models and products for world leading enterprises across multiple verticals. And we’re just getting started.

Meet our Team

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VP Projects

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Chief Data Scientist

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