AI GRC- Secure your AI Future

Empowering businesses with a full life cycle GRC solution for AI systems, to asses, mitigate and control AI risks to ensure compliance, performance, and trust.

AI Products

Holistic AI GRC Solution

assess AI

Comprehensive risk coverage with assessAI differentiates itself by its ability to cover a wide array of risk factors – over 1600 scenarios – ensuring that no potential risk is overlooked. Schema-free, customizable assessment with both qualitative and quantitative tools based on extensive research.



Platform that lets you mitigate and control risks associated with AI systems. 

control AI

Transforming risk into action with e.volve Control is unique in its ability to aggregate and prioritize alerts into meaningful incidents. This feature enables users to focus on significant risks, ensuring that operational efforts are directed where they are most needed. 

Embrace AI: Supporting Today, Powering Tomorrow with Confidence




we ensure that AI use cases are compliant with both internal and external requirements, making governance artifacts auditable and stakeholders accountable. 

Safe & responsible ai across the board

Data Scientists

Streamline your workflow, focus on high-impact tasks like model building, and significantly reduce the time spent on repetitive manual monitoring tasks.

ML Ops Engineers

Automatically monitor the risks and KPIs of AI models in real time to understand the business impact of their performance and respond or mitigate immediately. 


Boost your understanding and oversight of AI models in production, paving the way for increased profitability, faster decision-making, and improved ROI across your AI initiatives.

Risk & Compliance

Analyze and identify potential risks across AI governance and compliance, rank them by severity, and mitigate them before they impact the business.
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Extending human capabilities through AI

We believe that the key to driving sustainable growth with AI is not by creating more models for the sake of creating more models. But by extending human capabilities through AI using controlled and governed models. So you can stay relevant, become even more cost-effective, and make business-critical decisions at scale – quickly, and with confidence.