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Empowering businesses with a full life cycle GRC solution for AI systems, focusing on assess, mitigation, and control AI risks to ensure compliance, performance, and trust.

About us

Our GRC suite allows companies to scale their AI safely and responsibly, while taking into consideration the global ISO/IEC standard and the EU AI Act. The GRC suite could help your company in assessing, mitigating, and controlling AI risks, such as sub-optimal performance, liability, reputation, ethics, bias and fairness, ungrounded information, cyber vulnerability, Misled decision-making process, and so much more.  Additionally, our GRC suite can align your organizations’ AI systems with standards like ISO/IEC SC-42 and prepare you for upcoming enacted regulations like the EU AI Act.

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assess AI conducts in-depth evaluations across organizational and AI system-specific levels, exploring 1600+ risk scenarios. 
With continuous adaptability, it ensures ongoing AI risk management, distinguishing itself by facilitating comprehensive risk mapping, mitigation, and control.

assess AI has both qualitative and quantitative capabilities and produces a detailed report rooted in ISO/IEC JC1 SC 42 and EU AI Act frameworks, setting the standard for exhaustive AI assessment.

e.volve Control excels in robust risk management. It goes beyond alert systems, offering a comprehensive incident management framework. With a core focus on aligning AI systems with regulations and best practices, it provides seamless integration, addressing continuous risks like Data Drift and Fairness. Ideal for clients in cloud environments, e.volve Control offers an effortless setup via our user-friendly auto-pilot wizard.